A very Anyta Christmas Menu!

Welcome to Smugglivus 2017! Throughout this month, we will have guests – authors and bloggers alike – looking back at their favorite reads of 2017, looking forward to events and upcoming books in 2018, and more.

Our next Smugglivus guest is Anyta Sunday, author of Gemini Keeps Capricorn (Signs of Love #3), here today with a delectable Smugglivus post.

Please give it up for Anyta!


Happy holidays my lovelies!!! It’s that most wonderful time of the year – time to enjoy all the sensual delights, time for great books, music, food & drink. Today, I share my very Anyta Christmas menu, with the perfect pairings for starter, main & dessert – a meal I imagine my lovely Gemini Wesley and Capricorn Lloyd would enjoy very much together. All courses are vegetarian, like Lloyd, and Wesley made sure the right music is played. And of course there’s coffee!

The starter

The starter sets the tone for the night. You want something that gets you in the right mood, not too heavy and leaving room for the later courses. Let’s get you started!

Book: The Ruin of a Rake, by Cat Sebastian. This historical with a great opposites attract storyline will wet your appetite and leave your wanting more!

Music: White Winter Hymnal, by Fleet Foxes (from “Fleet Foxes”). These guys’ lovely harmonies are setting the right backdrop for a historical book and will ease you nicely into your winter meal.

Meal: Parsnip and Carrot Soup with Tarragon

Drink: Chilled New Zealand Chardonnay

The main

Book: Kill Game, by Cordelia Kingsbridge. A really substantial romantic mystery to dig into, deliciously complicated and unputdownable!

Song: “All I Want For Christmas”, by She & Him (from “Christmas Party”). An inspired, fun take on a modern Christmas classic – just like this whole album!

Meal: Mushroom Lasagna

Drink: South African Pinotage

The dessert

Book: Just a Bit Confusing, by Alessandra Hazard. This sexy romp is such a guilty pleasure of mine, just like a perfect chocolate truffle! I just want to cuddle up in this book – a great read in bed!

Song: “Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken”, by Camera Obscura (form “Let’s Get Out Of This Country”). The bittersweet, jingle-jangle, twee pop of Camera Obscura is just perfect to cap this evening – and who wouldn’t want their heart stolen by Lloyd!?

Meal: Pecan Pie Truffles

Drink: Cappuccino


Anyta Sunday is a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. She loves to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love. Some of her favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries. Anyta writes a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy. Her books have been translated into German, Italian and French.


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