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As of September 2019, I (Ana) am offering freelance editing services!

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with myself since Book Smugglers Publishing ceased operations at the end of 2018. After taking a break, I realised how much I have missed working with authors and how I missed the thrills of editing a story and seeing it transformed into a beautiful thing. Although Thea and I co-edited all stories for Book Smugglers Publishing, I am flying solo on this new freelance endeavour.   

With that in mind, I offer two types of editing as listed below.

Developmental Editing:  My developmental editing service is a thorough and in-depth edit of the entire manuscript, focusing primarily on structure, plot/theme, overall consistency, as well as character development and voice. I will flag specific problems throughout and offer solutions, addressing the work on both micro and macro levels while keeping the target audience for the work front of mind. If the work is part of an existing or intended series, I will also work with the broader series context in mind.  I will offer supportive, constructive critiques for your manuscript to reach its full potential, while working with you to address your own overall goals for the work. This service includes a full editorial letter as well as comprehensive notes within the manuscript.  Please note, your manuscript should be as close to being finished as possible for it to fully benefit from this service.

Editorial Assessment: A faster, more cost-friendly option. Similar to a high-level critique, my editorial assessment service is a first overview of your work. It looks at the work on a macro level, examining the big-picture issues, and identifying the parts of the manuscript that need the most work. This service includes an editorial letter that will suggest large-scale revisions, as well as minor manuscript comments.

Please note that neither option includes a copy edit; additionally, I generally do not mark-up grammar or typos as part of these two services. 

I edit middle grade, young adult and adult in most genres with a preference for science fiction, fantasy, crime, thrillers and contemporary YA. I am happy to look at short stories, novellas and novels.

Rates depend on the type of work you require (as per the above options), as well as genre, the number of words in your manuscript and timing/deadline considerations. Get in touch to discuss your needs via submissions@thebooksmugglers.com.


I am one of your friendly neighbourhood Book Smugglers, an award-nominated book reviewer here and for Kirkus for the past ten years. I have been an editor of award-winning stories for five years.

Both experiences have helped me develop a sharp eye and a penchant for taking things apart and putting them back together. Always, always working toward your goals.


“Ana was the very first editor who saw something special in my writing. Working with her on “The Vishakanya’s Choice” was a joy. She pushed me on the character development; offered wonderful insight into making every sentence of atmosphere critical to a story; and was so encouraging and cheerful throughout the whole experience. I hope I have the chance to work with her again soon.” Roshani Chokshi – YA Author

Ana is not only brilliant at picking out what will improve a piece of writing, but she’s fabulous to work with. She’s kind, warm, and funny, which makes even large suggested changes easy to roll with — especially when I see how much they improve my work! On top of her skill and professionalism, Ana is extremely well-versed in contemporary media criticism, including complex and sensitive topics such as avoiding harmful cliches or writing characters from a diversity of backgrounds. She brings this nuanced understanding to her editing in a way that has helped elevate my work tremendously — for example, one of my pieces she co-edited was longlisted for the Otherwise (Tiptree) Award, and Ana’s edits absolutely helped me push it to that level. Any writer would be lucky to have Ana on their team. She’s not just a great editor — she’s an editor I trust. ” S.L. Huang – SFF Author

“Via working with The Book Smugglers, I found Ana to be a warm and understanding editor whose insights were also sharp as hell. Their edits definitely made my novella Between The Earth and the Sky a lot better, and I highly recommend her editorial services!” JY Yang – SFF Author

Ana-san dealt with my manuscript very patiently, not only with my language issues. Answering her questions was like following her guidance step by step, to fill plot holes one at a time. At the end of the path I found the story become something I couldn’t have achieved alone, and I learned a lot about editing during the process.” Yukimi Ogawa – SFF Author

“Ana Grilo has an eye for the big picture and for the details that make a piece sing. With a deep understanding of YA and fantasy, she helped me forge my first novel into a better work than I could have done alone. She is conscientious and keen, and warm and helpful. I’d be happy to work with her again.” Catherine Faris King – Author of The Ninety-Ninth Bride

“Every writer needs an editor like Ana Grilo. Ana is a delight to work with, and will surely help you craft any prose into its proper shape.” E. Catherine Tobler – SFF Author and Editor

“As an editor, Ana Grilo knows her stuff. You can rely on her to point at the weak spots in your story, tell you honestly where you need to do better, and show you how to get there as painlessly as possible. ” Tansy Rayner Roberts – Author of Girl Reporter.

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