Happy Lost Day!

Taking a break from talking about books to talk about another one of our obsessions….

Whoohoo! Lost is finally back tonight after an 8 month long hiatus.

Last season ended with the losties making contact with the outside world and the promise of rescue looming in the horizon. But at the same time, we also learnt that something is not right, Desmond knows that it’s not Penny’s boat and Locke and Ben have warned them that these people are not the good news they expect. A warning that seems to be valid when we were granted the father of all twists in the recent TV history: Jack and Kate in the future, out of the island and Jack a complete mess who says that they made a mistake and have to go back!

What will happen this season? Here are a few of the questions we have concerning our favorite characters:

What will Locke do next? His connection with the island is one of the central themes of the show and seems to be growing with each season as is his willingness to do anything to save it.

Last time we saw Sawyer, he was in a pretty bad state of mind clearly going to a darker place. Will he be able to accept the good in him? Will he work out his issues with Kate? Last season he was being groomed to become a leader – will that ever happen?

Will Desmond be reunited with his Penny? How will he cope with the fact that Charlie died because of his flashes? He is the only one that knows that Naomi lied about the boat and about Penny. Will his friends believe him?

Will Kate actually make up her mind about her two boys and end the dratted triangle from hell once and for all? We doubt it, but we hope that at least she will have a storyline that does not evolve around Sawyer and Jack.

Will Sayid, the most badass of the losties side with Team Jack or with Team Locke?

How will the losties react to Charlie’s death? Especially Claire and Hurley, who know about Desmond’s abilities, and that Des apparently has let Charlie die?

What will happen to Juliet, now that she has double-crossed the Others, but still isn’t quite trusted by the Losties? More interestingly, what will happen with her as she takes on a spot in the love quadrangle of doom?

And for the unspoiled, perhaps the most important question of all:

Who are the Oceanic Six?


  • Katie(babs)
    February 1, 2008 at 7:02 am

    Kate is a twit leaving Sawyer to go with Jack. Hello! Leaving hot monkey sex! I am more confused than ever with Lost, so lost! But I know that I adore Hurley even more. He is co cute!
    So they are seeing all these vision and whatnot… are they dead? In an alternate universe? Ate a LSD coconut??? ACK I HAVE NO CLUE!!

  • Misty G
    February 2, 2008 at 7:00 am

    I like looking at Lost, but I have to admit that watching Lost makes me a bit….lost. I loved season one and season two, but I only caught a little bit of season three. I got a bit frustrated at all the plot twists. But Sawyer…..he completes me.lol.

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