Lost Recap: 05×03 Jughead

Howdy! Today I will recap the third episode of season 5. (Eventually I will catch up I promise!)

Lost Season 5 – Episode 3: Jughead


The episode opens with Desmond running, desperately searching for someone…we find out he needs a doctor for…


Penny, who is very pregnant and about to give birth


to a baby boy. (the birthing is very easy, a la Lost , it’s breath, breath, pop! there goes the baby)


cut to the future, the boy is about 2 years old and he and Desmond are sitting on their boat and Desmond is telling him about England. They are going to Oxford to look for Faraday’s mother.


Back in the island, the losties are still running from whomever is shooting at them and then some of the redshirts step on land mines


and KABOOM! I think that, by the end of this season, the only survivors will be the people that have names.


Then from the jungle there comes a  rambo-chica with a weird accent and she turns to Faraday and says:


“You just couldn’t keep away, could you” and I am all like: ha? what?


Back to Des and Penny , she is not very happy about being back in England because she knows her psycho-father is still looking for them and she makes Desmond promise that whatever happens he will NEVER go back to the island.


He says: “Why would I do that” and I am like: HA! as if! You are SO going back my friend.


Faraday, Miles and Charlotte are being taken by the Others to their camp and are trekking through the jungle and Miles who can talk to ghosts…


tells Faraday that they just walked over a fresh grave of US soldiers and that one of them died of radiation poisioning.


They are taken to the Other’s camp and it’s clear that is Long Ago and even as we let it sink in….


Eyeliner-Richard shows up! Exactly the same! HOW OLD IS THIS GUY????!!!


Faraday….seems to know him…this guy…frankly…Gaah. I don’t know.


Back in Oxford, Desmond is trying to find out the whereabouts of Faraday’s mother but the university has not record of Faraday whatsoever. Desmond knows this is impossible, because he visited Faraday in Oxford in his lab not so long ago.


He goes around, finds what used to be the lab, breaks in and then this maintenance guy shows up and tells him that they shut down the lab and severed all contact with Faraday after what happened to the poor girl. Desmond asks: “what girl”?


Back in the Other’s camp, Faraday is telling the others that they need to keep pretending that they are US soldiers until time jumps again – which can happen in 5 minutes or… 5,000 years (yeah, very helpful Faraday)


Then Richard walks in and asks why the US soldiers are attacking the island blah blah and Faraday tells him that he knows that there is a Hidrogen Bomb (!!!) in the island and that the seal is broken and he knows how to fix it. Richard asks how does he know Faraday wouldn’t just kill them all?


Faraday looks at Charlotte and says: Because the woman I love is right over there and I would never do anything to hurt her.



Meanwhile Juliet decides to communicate with the Others that they captured – they speak in Latin


and she asks them to take the losties to their camp and she asks if Richard Alpert is there….


One of the Others is about to tell them how to get to their camp when the freak-power-hungry-nazi-Other breaks his neck and runs away before Locke can bring himself to kill him…


“He is one of my people” He says.  Locke is awesome.


Back in Oxford, Desmond finds the “girl”


Who is nothing but a vegetal – Faraday did some sort of experiment to her that went wrong and then just left her.


But that is not the BIG TWIST. The Big Twist , as her sister tells Desmond is that Faraday’s benefactor was no other than Charles Widmore!!!! TUM-TUM-TUM! Is Faraday a villain after all? I refuse to believe it!


back in the island, the freak-power-hungry-nazi-Other makes back to the camp and Richard is like, what if you have been followed? To which the guy replies. Don’t be silly, “their  leader is an old man, do you think he knows the island better than I do? ” I have a knowing smile in my face….


because the Old Man has already found them and is preparing to charge into the camp and have a chat with Eyeliner-Richard.


Meanwhile, Rambo-chica is taking Faraday to the H-Bomb and Faraday is looking at her and they have a weird convo and he is like “it’s so weird to look at you, you remind me so much of…”

ATTENTION NEW THEORY: Rambo-Chica is Faraday’s mother , the woman who becomes Mrs Hawking in the future. The age is right, the accent is right , even the tight mouth is right.


and this is why Faraday feels so at ease to tell her that he is from the future and that they need to take care of the H-Bomb (behind him, the name of the bomb is Jughead), cause it’s leaking but in the future the island it’s still there so he knows they suceed  but before they can do anything


Sawyer and Juliet come to help Faraday


and Rambo-Chica is all like, what they are from the future too?


Back in England, Desmond does the unthinkable and goes to Mr Widmore to get Faraday’s mother address.


Widmore tells him she is in LA (where Mrs Hawking is, by the way!Score!)


Then back in the island Locke fearlessly walks into the Other’s camp


yelling Richard Alpert! and the freak-power-hungry-nazi-Other is all, can’t believe, stop right there!


Then Eyeliner-Richard comes and asks who are you and what do you want…


Then Locke says the magic words that gives me the goosebumps:

Jacob sent me.


Of course, Richard then wants to talk to Locke now and then the freak-power-hungry-nazi-Other is all pissed off, and Eyeliner-Richard says shut up, WIDMORE!

*&^%$£%^&*AAAAAAAAAAAAA *head explodes*



Locke is as surprised as I am: “Your name is Charles Widmore?” he asks.

Holy Guacamole. I did not see that one coming.


Back in the boat, Desmond lies to Penny and says that Faraday’s mother is dead and they can go on with their lives. Penny can smell the lie and tells Desmond that she knows he will not rest if he can not help his friends….


so they will go together with their son Charlie (awww, they named their son after Charlie! how thweet) to LA.


Back in the island, Locke is telling Eyeliner-Richard his story,  that he is their new leader, that Richard needs to tell him how to get off the island but before Richard can tell him anything…


there comes the white light and wooooosh


they shift again…and I am all, woohoo, man this exciting, people that are out want to get in, and Locke wants to get out!


and then Charlotte collapses all  bloody and gross.




  • Zara
    February 12, 2009 at 6:52 am

    Is it me, or is Richard’s eyeliner getting heavier as the show goes on? It was proper nuts in that episode, he looked like he just stepped out of drag and forgot to remove the makeup. Also, the theory about Faraday’s mother being the rambo chick would be so awesome if it’s true. And I know this is like sacrilege or whatever, but I don’t like Penny. I didn’t like her in the Sarah Connor Chronicles either, but at least they killed her off, so thumbs up. On a side note – I wonder if Alan Dale plays any other kind of character? That’s some serious typecasting going on there. The OC, Ugly Betty, and now Lost. What’s up with that?

    Really loving these recaps by the way, keep it up! 😆

  • KMont
    February 12, 2009 at 7:21 am

    I’ve never been able to watch this show, and this far in I’d only be more lost. Ha.

    I loved this recap though, especially your personal commentary lol! You make me laugh.

  • carolyn jean
    February 12, 2009 at 7:34 am

    I’m with Kmont – I had to stop watching the show in the first season, so looking at this post, I’m like, whaaaa? Who are all these people? And, it actually makes sense after all? Your recap is really funny.

  • meanne
    February 13, 2009 at 2:51 am

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who stopped watching the show in the first season. But this hasn’t stopped me from enjoying your recaps and falling in lust with Desmond ( based on your pictures and the recaps you’ve been doing ).

    Please continue to entertain us with your recaps and with your thoughts on the show. I’m loving it!

    BTW I’ve been a fan of your blog from the very start. It’s mind-boggling how smart you 2 women are and how prolific your reviews are as well…Thanks for the many wonderful hours of reading and for introducing me to amazing authors like Juliet Marrillier, Dru Pagliassotti etc.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Ana
    February 13, 2009 at 3:03 am

    Thank y’all! 😀 I amloving doing the recaps.

    Zara, does he really have eyeline or are his eyes like that? I think they are like that… 😯 . I don’t mind Penny, but in all honesty, my favorite thing about her is how much Des loves her. 😆

    You guys, how in the world, did you manage to stop watching this show on season 1? I mean with that season finale – OMG cliff-hanger of doom! Walt being taken by the others, Locke and Jack opening the hatch? I would understand quitting the show on season 2 or 3 what with the ups and downs that the show had….but season 1? Was so awesome! Seriously. I must have watched each episode of that season more than 15 times, easily. (OK, so I am a dork, sue me. 😳 )

    meanne: WOW, you are making me blush…Thank you!!That is very nice of you to say *hugs* Oh, and I will be forever thankful to Thea for introducing me to Juliet Marrillier as well!

  • katiebabs
    February 13, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    I don’t think Whitmore is the bad guy we think him to be.
    Still have much lust for Sawyer

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