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Hello and a good Sunday to everybody!

Let’s see what we have on the menu for this week, shall we?

This week on The Book Smugglers:

Monday – we kick start the week by taking part in a very cool Blogging Event organised by Alert Nerd and invite you all to take part as well:

What’s Your Scott and Jean?

The Date: March 30

The Theme: What’s Your Scott and Jean?

The Background: Such an awesome theme could only have been birthed on Twitter. Simply put, when someone says “that’s my Scott and Jean,” it essentially means “that’s my geek sacred cow.” It’s the issue/coupling/whatever that you pretty much can’t discuss because you are too passionate about it and it makes you too crazy. You might hear perfectly reasonable arguments against said coupling/issue/whatever, but you cannot process them. It’s like That One Thing. It could be something like “Scott Summers and Jean Grey are supposed to be together and that is just how it is.” Or maybe “the new Battlestar Galactica does not exist for me because it is not the old Battlestar Galactica.” Or “The only correct portrayals of Batman are the ones that contain X, Y, and Z.” You get the idea. It’s your nerd mental block.
The Participants: (thus far) Alert Nerd, Fantastic Fangirls, Faust’s Fantastically Fantasmagoric Forum, Geeked , The Discriminating FanGirl and …maybe YOU?

Here’s what you do: on March 30 (which, incidentally, is the date that the issue of X-Men featuring Jean and Scott’s wedding debuted), write up a blog post delving into the question What’s Your Scott and Jean? Send your link to sarah AT alertnerd DOT com. We will add you to our master blog post and you can link back to said post. It will be delightful for all involved.

Either that, or it will just cause a bunch of new arguments! Hurrah!

Tomorrow you will learn the true extent of Thea and Ana’s crazy, passionate geekiness soul. I bet you can’t wait, can you?

Tuesday – Ana will review A Perfect Darkness by Jaime Rush, the first in a brand new paranormal series called The Offspring

Wednesday – Thea will be reviewing a Fantasy book, A Feast of Souls Book 1 of the Magister Trilogy by C.S. Friedman

On Thursday – Ana reviews Rewriting Monday by prolific writer Jodi Thomas.

And on Friday, the author will be here with a guest post about “Inspirations and Influences” a brand new feature here at our casa, and she will be giving away a signed copy of the book as well.

And of course, on Saturday the usual Lost Recap. Next up is a Sayid- Centric

And folks…..Thea comes back at the end of the week (and this is why I am so well-behaved with this stash. I am getting back on track….) ! Hip-Hip Hooraaaaaaaaay!

From the series: Ana Must Read These or DIE:

Kmont from the Lurv a La Mode blog wrote a fantastic review of upcoming release Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge

Now, on top of being REALLY anxious to read her upcoming Black and White (which she writes with Jackie Kessler) , I will also be nervously anticipating this one.

And we now got the cover for the next Julia Quinn novel: What Happens in London.

Here is the Blurb:

Olivia Bevelstoke might be falling in love.
Harry Valentine might not be who he says he is.
And they both might be in very big trouble, indeed…

This book is the sequel to The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. Now, I am a HUGE Julia Quinn fan, I read all of her books and the only one I did not like was Miranda Cheever. I am a mess about this upcoming book: a mix of dread and hope. Let’s see how it goes! It sounds good though: light and funny, the way I like my Quinn’s.

And finally: Where is Ann Aguirre???

The Blue Diablo Virtual Tour is going strong: check out her upcoming appearances and for more chances to win a copy of Blue Diablo.

Blue Diablo Virtual Tour:
Guest blog at Jennifer’s Random Musings — March 25
Guest blog at Magical Musings — March 26
Guest blog at SciFi Chick — March 27
Guest blog at Angieville — March 30
Interview at Lurve a la Mode — March 31
Guest blog at Babbling about Books — April 1
Guest blog at Fantasy Cafe — April 2
Guest blog at Stacy’s Place on Earth — April 3
Interview at Confessions of a Romance Addict — April 6
Guest blog at The Book Smugglers — April 7
Guest blog at Writer Unboxed — April 7
Interview at Cynthia Eden’s blog — April 8
Guest blog at The Thrillionth Page — April 9
Guest blog at Reading Adventures — April 10
Guest blog at Urban Fantasy Land — April 13
Guest blog at The Book Binge — April 14
Guest blog at Ramblings on Romance — April 15
Guest blog at Fantasy Debut — April 16
Guest blog at The Discriminating Fangirl — April 17
Guest blog at Cubie’s Confections — April 20

This is it for today, folks! See you around!


  • Karen Mahoney
    March 29, 2009 at 11:03 am

    Awesome stash! Yes, you must read STREET MAGIC. I read it in manuscript format aaages ago (I’m not gloating, just saying! *g*) and it was awesome back then. I bet it’s even BETTER now. 🙂

    I bet I can guess what your Scott & Jean is.

  • Ana
    March 29, 2009 at 11:08 am

    I bet you can too. *ninja* *gang sign*

  • KMont
    March 30, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    *whispers* Don’t be nervous about Street Magic. I’m 100% right about that book. You know it. Uh huh. am too.

  • orannia
    March 30, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    Wednesday – Thea will be reviewing a Fantasy book, A Feast of Souls Book 1 of the Magister Trilogy by C.S. Friedman.

    C.S. Friedman has written another book? I just LOVED The Coldfire Trilogy!

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