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A Smugglerific Cover: The Long And Silent Ever After (Spindle City Mysteries #3) by Carlie St. George

In which we reveal the cover and open up preorders for The Long And Silent Ever After by Carlie St. George

We are thrilled to share the cover of The Long And Silent Ever After by Carlie St. George, the third and final novelette in our very first noir series, The Spindle City Mysteries.

Without further ado, BEHOLD! The smugglerific cover!

The Long And Silent Ever After

About the Story

“Hello, Prince,” the Godmother said. “I’m calling in that favor.”

When Rose Briar–cabaret singer, drug lord, and notorious secret-keeper–disappears without a trace from her club, The Poisoned Apple, Jimmy Prince and Jack are on the case once again. This time, the duo may have bitten off more than they can chew, as their investigation drags them into the path of the Spindle’s greatest and most formidable criminal–one who got her nickname for her tendency to burn her enemies alive.

It doesn’t help that Jimmy is having a hard time focusing on the case, torn between his head’s desire to do the right thing, and his heart’s insistence for that one person who always has three gats, a pen, and a smile at the ready.

But in Spindle City, the long and silent ever after waits for no one–and it’s Jimmy’s turn to dance with dragon.


A Word From Your Friendly Neighborhood Editors (and Book Smugglers)

The Long And Silent Ever After is the third book in the Spindle City Mysteries series, bringing the series to a triumphant–at times heart-stopping–conclusion. (We swear we aren’t exaggerating; there are parts of this novelette that are really tense.) In this third and final story, Jimmy, his family, and his friends are caught in the crossfire–literally!–between two of Spindle City’s major kingpins, Moll Chen and The Godmother. We see the evolving relationship between Jimmy and Hank Delgado (whom we ship SO HARD), the growth of Jack as a character an a partner in Jimmy’s practice, the bond between Jimmy and his secret activist mother Evelyn… oh, and a very familiar face from Bloody Slipper, back in the mix.

We love the way Carlie St. George brings all of her beautifully-drawn characters together, and the care she puts into each of their storylines and arcs.

Most of all, we love the way The Long And Silent Ever After blends heartache with hope–and we hope you will love it, too.


About the Author: Carlie St. George

Carlie St. John

Carlie St. George is a Clarion West graduate whose work has been published in Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Shock Totem, and Shimmer. Her obsession with noir can be linked to unfulfilled career aspirations as a private detective, and a love of stylish hats. Her obsession with fairy tales can be blamed almost entirely on her sister. Follow Carlie online on her website

About the Artist: Melanie Cook


Melanie Cook is an illustrator, concept artist and writer. She has produced storyboards for the likes of Ridley Scott Associates and concept art for the award-winning short film Payload and the science fiction project Restoration. Her current projects include The Tyger and the forthcoming webcomic The Death of Negative Man. You can find her on Twitter (@melicook), Tumblr ( or her personal website


How to Get the Story

The Long And Silent Ever After will be published officially on December 15, 2015. You’ll be able to read the story in full for free here on The Book Smugglers, but we’ll also have a DRM-free ebook (EPUB & MOBI) that contains the story, a Q&A and an essay from the author, as well as fun extra materials about the series available for purchase on all major ebook retail sites. Not to mention, the ebook also contains a brand new exclusive short story, told from Jack’s perspective, called “The Stakeout Blues.” (It’s our second-ever Jack story! WHEE!)

Preorder the Ebook

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play


Introducing Spindle City Serials

Spindle City Mysteries #3

In addition to offering the Spindle City Mysteries through our regular channels, we are also serving up these stories via subscription: Spindle City Serials is a brand new way to get your fix of Jimmy and Jack every week as they take on the nefarious characters who work Spindle’s dark underbelly. With a subscription ($4.99 total), you receive serialized episode-sized chunks of the books 2 and 3 in the Spindle City series delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. AND, at the end of each story arc (2 arcs of 3 episodes each), you’ll receive a DRM-free ebook of the full story as part of your subscription (including a copy of Bloody Slipper, on us).

Episode 2 of The Long And Silent Ever After went out this morning, and episode 3 goes out next Monday – you can sign up at any time (and you’ll receive links to previous episodes you may have missed!).

Click here to sign up for Spindle City Serials

Add the book on Goodreads, and read The Long And Silent Ever After for free online on December 15, 2015.

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  • JazzFeathers
    December 7, 2015 at 3:13 am

    This series sounds so intersting. I’m am a fan od noir and fairy tales too.
    And that cover is so nice, it does give a sense of the noir era. Looks like a very nice job 🙂

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