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Cover Reveal: 10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac

Today we are thrilled to reveal the cover of 10 Things I Can See From by Carrie Mac!

Without further ado, behold! The beautiful cover!


From The Author

I love Maeve. And not just because she is my main character, but because she and I have a lot in common. We are both anxious over-thinkers with a tendency toward imagining the most catastrophic outcomes. And we both fall in love with smart girls who are taller than we are.

But Maeve is also creative, and curious, and fiercely loyal to her quirky busted-up family, and so I loved writing her story. I especially loved watching her eyes open up to all the things in the world that aren’t worth worrying about, and all the things that are shimmering with awesomeness and worth staring at in complete wonder. Maeve wants to live life in full color. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything at all, yet she is crippled by fear and anxiety. Maeve is trying her best. She really is.
The intensity and full color of 10 Things I Can See From Here’s cover make it a book that Maeve would grab from the shelves, clutch in her arms, and hurry home to read. The cover image started as a riff on the Keep Calm & Carry On poster—an image that features in the story as something that, despite honorable intentions, royally pisses Maeve off—and ultimately morphed into this brilliant, neon graphic with lettering by artist Steven Wilson. Steven’s striking 3D type beautifully emphasizes what the title refers to: perspective. When Maeve has a panic attack, her smart, tall love interest, Salix, encourages her to take a minute and tell her ten things she can see—ten things about the world that are steady and true—ten steps down, one by one, from the emotional ledge Maeve so often finds herself on. When all is said and done, Maeve’s story is about perspective. My story is about perspective. All our stories—and our lives—are about perspective. How we see things, how we feel things, how we want things. How we worry. How we do worry. And ultimate, how we love.

About The Author


Carrie Mac is a compulsive writer, reader, and worrier who lives in East Vancouver, BC with her family. That is, she lives there when she’s not wandering around with her kids for months at a time hunting for geocaches and rocks and caves and small town libraries and secret swimming holes and sleeping by the beach in a big old van called Harriet. Learn more about Carrie at her website,, or on Twitter at @CarrieMacWrites.

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