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Cover Reveal: Bookburners Season 4

In which we showcase the cover of Bookburners Season 4, the latest season of the critically acclaimed urban fantasy serial about a secret team of agents that hunts down dangerous books containing deadly magic. Created by Max Gladstone, the new series will debut on June 13th on Serial Box.

Without further ado, behold! The smugglerific cover!

The Cover:

Previously on Bookburners

Sal Brooks once thought magic wasn’t real. She worked for the NYPD, she found criminals, and she had a good, basically normal life. Then her brother was possessed by a demon. To save him, Sal joined forces with the Vatican’s Team Three, a secret task force that tracks down dangerous magical books and artifacts and sequesters them in the Vatican’s Black Archive for study. Sure, saving her brother involved merging his soul with an angel, but it was better than the alternative.

But Team Three is losing ground. The world we know is an island of stability in an ocean of magic, and the water is rising. The Vatican’s longstanding sequester-and-forget policy with regard to magic doesn’t work so well in a world where digital sorcerers can use online versions of mystic texts to open the gates to the confusing and terrifying realms beyond. Working with Archivist Asanti, the Vatican’s leading magical expert, Sal and Team Three begin to piece together the secrets of the forces they’ve long fought.

They’re running out of time—and forces outside our world have begun to move against them. The angels who once maintained the stability of our universe have deserted their stations, all save one, who’s resorted to continent-shaking violence to keep the planet functioning. Team Three save the United Kingdom—but the tide of magic has accelerated, and London has been transformed forever. And even as the nations of the world slowly wake up to the truth of magic, the leaders of the Vatican’s magical bureaucracy have refused to come forward with the truth they know.

So Sal and Team Three have left the Vatican, to save the world one crisis at a time.

Let’s see how well that turns out for them.

About the creator:

Max Gladstone has been thrown from a horse in Mongolia, drank almond milk with monks on Wudang Shan, and wrecked a bicycle in Angkor Wat. Max is also the author of the Craft Sequence of books about undead gods and skeletal law wizards—Full Fathom Five, Three Parts Dead, Two Serpents Rise, and Last First Snow. He is also the showrunner and one of the contributing authors on Serial Box’s first project, Bookburners. Max fools everyone by actually writing novels in the coffee shops of Davis Square in Somerville, MA. His dreams are much nicer than you’d expect. He tweets as @MaxGladstone.

Bookburners season 1-3 are available on the Serial Box app and website and on all third party retailers. Season 1 is also available in print wherever books are sold. Bookburners season 4 will be available on June 13th.

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