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Smugglers Stash and News

Another week, another stash. First things first, we have a winner for our Hex Appeal giveaway: Tetewa Congrats! Drop us an email at thebooksmugglers AT hotmail DOT com with your mailing address, and we will get the book off…

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8 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: Demon Angel

Title: Demon Angel Author: Meljean Brook Genre: Paranormal Romance Stand Alone or Series: Book 2 of The Guardians series (although each book can be read as a stand alone volume) Summary: (from two thousand years, Lilith wrought vengeance…

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Chat With an Author

A Chat with an Author: Meljean Brook

I first heard about Meljean Brook from my gurus over at Ramblings on Romance. Based on Katie(babs) recommendation, I picked up Demon Angel and fell completely in love with both the world that Meljean Brook created and with her…

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9 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: Demon Night

Title: Demon Night Author: Meljean Brook Review number: 33 Genre: Paranormal Romance Stand alone/series: Third full-length novel in The Guardians series. Summary:Charlie Newcomb worked hard to get her life back together. But all that is shaken when she’s set…

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10 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: Demon Moon

Title: Demon Moon Author: Meljean Brook Review number: 28 Genre: Paranormal Romance Stand alone/ series: second full-length novel in the Guardians series. Summary: No one would call vampire Colin Ames-Beaumont kind, but they would call him unnaturally beautiful. For…

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