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PHANTOM LIMB by Reiko Scott

Phantom Limb by Reiko Scott Published 9/25/2018 I received my first cybernetic arm when I was eight years old. Naomi Shimizu has undergone several enhancements. A cybernetic arm, to replace her crushed one. Smooth pale skin and visual implants,…

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Book Review: Latchkey by Nicole Kornher-Stace

Title:Latchkey Author: Nicole Kornher-Stace Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA, Adventure, Post-Apocalypse/Dystopia Publisher: Mythic Delirium Books Publication date: July 10 2018 Paperback: 336 Isabel, once known as Wasp, has become leader of the fearsome upstarts, the teen girl acolytes who…

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Excerpt: We Who Are About To… by Joanna Russ

We are here to share some pretty sweet news with regards to Joanna Russ! On May 8, Open Road Media published the ebook editions of The Female Man, And Chaos Died, and Picnic on Paradise—all of which were finalists…

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