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Over at Kirkus: The Beauty by Jeremy Haun & Jason A. Hurley

It’s Friday, which means we are over at Kirkus for our regular weekly column!

It’s Thea’s turn this Friday, and she’s looking at a new graphic novel (first in a series) from Image Comics once more. This fine Friday, she dives into horror comic The Beauty written by Jeremy Haun & Jason A. Hurley, with art from Jeremy Haun & John Rauch.

The Beauty

Imagine that perfect external beauty is attainable–not through painful surgery, or hours at the gym, or through a diet, but via sex. All it takes is a little STD, and you’re instantly, perfectly beautiful. The Beauty, as the disease becomes known, causes a rift in society between the average humans and the infected–and then beauties start spontaneously exploding. Sound interesting? You’re damn right it is. Get the full review here.

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