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Over at Kirkus: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

It’s Friday and we are over at Kirkus!

This very weekend, hundreds of thousands of fans are flocking to San Diego for one of the greatest nerd-fests of the year: Comic Con. And one of the much-buzzed about properties of this year’s con (and last year’s con, and many SDCCs to come) is Star Wars. Following the rad new trailer from Star Wars: Rogue One that aired last week at Star Wars Celebration, excitement for the new films and rejuvenated franchise has been building—and, like so many other Star Wars fans, Thea has been relishing every second of the awesomeness. With that in mind, she reviewed Lost Stars by Claudia Gray, the first in a series of Star Wars reviews building up to Rogue One later this year.

Lost Stars

Go there to check it out.

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