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A Smugglerific Cover: Girl Reporter by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Guess what, friends! We have a new novella coming out this year! Girl Reporter is Tansy Rayner Roberts’ newest work of fiction, set in the same world as her award winning short story “Cookie Cutter Superhero” and our very own follow-up short story Kid Dark Against the Machine. We’re thrilled to announce that the third story in the series has been revealed today at The Mary Sue!

Here is a sneak peek of the cover:

Set a few years–and a whole lot of awesome developments–after Kid Dark, this novella is about girl reporters, the fraught relationship between mothers and daughters, and superheroes.

From the award-winning author of Cookie Cutter Superhero and Kid Dark Against the Machine comes a brand new novella about girl reporters, superheroes, and interdimensional travel

In a world of superheroes, supervillains, and a machine that can create them all, millennial vlogger and girl reporter Friday Valentina has no shortage of material to cover. Every lottery cycle, a new superhero is created and quite literally steps into the shoes of the hero before them–displacing the previous hero. While Fri may not be super-powered herself, she understands the power of legacy: her mother is none other than the infamous reporter Tina Valentina, renowned worldwide for her legendary interviews with the True Blue Aussie Beaut Superheroes and her tendency to go to extraordinary lengths to get her story.

This time, Tina Valentina may have ventured too far.

Alongside Australia’s greatest superheroes–including the powerful Astra, dazzling Solar, and The Dark in his full brooding glory–Friday will go to another dimension in the hopes of finding her mother, saving the day, maybe even getting the story of a lifetime out of the adventure. (And possibly a new girlfriend, too.)

Go over to The Mary Sue for the full cover! Girl Reporter is available as an ebook and paperback on December 19, and you can pre-order your copy below.

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