Smugglivus is HERE – A Primer

It’s December 1 and you all know what that means!


For the uninitiated, here is a quick primer:

Smugglivus, what?

Smugglivus is our month-long (technically about five weeks long) end of the year celebration. Back in our first year of The Book Smugglers in 2008, we wanted to do something special at the end of the year leading up to our blog anniversary in early January. So, we came up with the idea to host a holiday bonanza to celebrate our favorite books, authors, and bloggers of the year. Thus, inspired by Seinfeld’s infamous Festivus, Smugglivus was born.

Each year, Smugglivus begins on December 1 and features guest posts from our favorite people across the interwebs (with a healthy serving of our regular reviews and giveaways, of course). The event ends with a bang on January 7, our very own blogiversary. And this year? We will be celebrating our biggest milestone to date: our tenth anniversary!

So, with that said, what can you expect from Smugglivus 2017?

Awesome Guests

For the duration of the event we will feature at least one guest almost every day. These guests include authors whose books we loved this year to our very favorite book bloggers. Our guests will talk about different topics: their favorite reads/TV/movies of 2017, what they are looking forward to and/or have planned in 2018, or anything in the holiday spirit of sharing bookish thoughts.

This year, our all-star author lineup includes, among many others, Aliette de Bodard, Martha Wells, Kate Elliott, N.K. Jemisin and more. Of course, we’ll also have plenty of awesome bloggers/reviewers/vloggers over to play too!

Airing of Grievances


The Airing of Grievances is quite possibly our favorite Smugglivus ritual, in which we rant. We rant about fandom, books, TV shows, movies, the Internets, reading, and as of this year, fucking Donald Trump.

Ana and Thea’s Most Excellent Books of 2017

billl and ted

In which we post our top 10 (ish) favorite books of the year, including notable mentions and favorite books published prior to 2017. We’ll also post about our favorite TV shows and movies in our “Best of The Rest” feature.


And that is Smugglivus in a nutshell! We will of course, continue with our regular schedule with reviews (albeit less than the usual number of titles per week) here and at Kirkus. Our usual Sunday stash will be mostly dedicated to the festivities as well.

Plus, we have a couple of surprises from Book Smugglers Publishing too! Check back later today for the first of those surprises and our first official Smugglivus Giveaway of Awesome.

We do hope you join us for the event and have as much fun reading our guest posts and reviews as we had organizing them!

SMUG•Gli• VUS• (2)

~ Your Friendly Neighborhood Book Smugglers


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