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Over at Kirkus: A Post-Mortal SFF List (Inspired by THUNDERHEAD by Neal Schusterman)

We are over at Kirkus early this week for our regular column! It’s Thea’s turn today, with a list of post-mortal SFF inspired by Neal Shusterman’s excellent Thunderhead (book 2 in the Arc of a Scythe series).

In Scythe and Thunderhead, humanity has conquered mortality–there is no fear of death by illness, or accident, or even murder. To keep humanity in check, however, a self-governing body called Scythes glean humans, filling a quota in order to maintain order and resources. This week, Thea examines other books that look at the end of human mortality–of the non gods or monsters variety–and offers a list of other books to try in this subgenre. Go over to Kirkus to get the full details.

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