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First up, a book that looks and sounds incredible and which I already own and will be reading soon: Satire meets slasher in this short, darkly funny hand grenade of a novel about a Nigerian woman whose younger sister…

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9 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: THE KINGDOM OF COPPER by S.A. Chakraborty

Title: The Kingdom of Copper Author: S.A. Chakraborty Genre: Fantasy Publisher: Harper VoyagerPublication date: January 2019Hardcover: 640 pages S. A. Chakraborty continues the sweeping adventure begun in The City of Brass—”the best adult fantasy I’ve read since The Name of the Wind” (#1 New York Times bestselling…

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9 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: Sadie by Courtney Summers

Title:Sadie Author: Courtney Summers Genre: Contemporary YA Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Publication date: September 2018 Paperback: 311 pages A missing girl on a journey of revenge. A Serial?like podcast following the clues she’s left behind. And an ending you won’t…

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Best of Lists

The Book Smugglers’ Best Books of 2018

In which we Book Smugglers present our top 10 books of 2018 and other assorted goodies… Another year, another top 10 list! 2018 was one of huge developments and change for us Book Smugglers–in 2017 we ran our very first kickstarter, and in 2018…

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Over at Kirkus: Before the End Comes

Sorry about the super dramatic title but it’s Monday, we are over at Kirkus, the year is almost OVER and I HAVE SO MUCH TO READ WELP *doom* Go over to Kirkus to check out everything that MUST BE…

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We are delighted to share an excerpt from the second novel in Tade Thompson’s highly acclaimed Wormwood trilogy science fiction series, The Rosewater Insurrection. About the Book The second volume in a vibrant and compellingly told trilogy by one…

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Smuggler Army Women To Read

Women to Read: November 2018

Women To Read is a monthly column from A.C. Wise highlighting female authors of speculative fiction and recommending a starting place for their work. C.L. Polk writes fantasy and romance, and my recommended starting place is her brilliant debut…

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