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Smugglers’ Stash & News

Hi-yo! Another weekend, another stash. First, a few announcements… Giveaway Winner: The lucky winner of a copy of M.L.N. Hanover’s Darker Angels, book 2 in The Black Sun’s Daughter series, is… LoriT! (Comment #23) Congratulations! You know the drill…

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7 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: Manhunter vol. 2: Trial By Fire

Title: Manhunter vol. 2: Trial By Fire Author: Mark Andreyko, art by Javier Pina, Jesus Saiz, and others Genre: Graphic Novel Stand Alone or Series: Collects issues #6-14 of DC’s latest incarnation of Manhunter Summary: (from’t miss this…

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8 Rated Books Joint Review

Joint Review: Fables Vol. 1

Title: Fables: Legends in Exile Vol. 1 Author: Bill Willingham, Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha, Craig Hamilton Genre: Graphic Novel Stand alone or series: First volume in the Fables comics; collects issues 1-5. Summary: (from Vertigo)Who Killed Rose Red?In Fabletown,…

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8 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: Manhunter – Street Justice

Title: Manhunter – Street Justice Author: Mark Andreyko, Jesus Saiz, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Steve Buccellato Genre: Graphic Novel, Superhero Stand alone or series: Part of Mark Andreyko’s Manhunter run, collects issues 1-5 Summary: (from top federal prosecutor Kate…

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Guest Dare The Dare

Guest Dare: Preludes and Nocturnes

Last month it was Kmont with the horror novel Summer of Night. This month, we decided to Dare Kate from What Kate’s Reading. Kate’s kryptonite? We Dared her to read and review a graphic novel (her first ever graphic…

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9 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: The Hiketeia

Title: Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia Author: Greg Rucka, J.G. Jones, Wade von Grawbadger, Dave Stewart Genre: Graphic Novel Why did I read this book: I had yet to read this graphic novel, and when I saw it in the…

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Neil Gaiman Week

Gaiman Week: The Sandman #14 (Mini Review)

The Sandman Vol. 2 – The Doll’s House Part V: “Collectors” As Ana has pointed out, very detailed-like, The Sandman series is a groundbreaking, all-encompassing work of literature and art. Ana has thoroughly detailed the major characters with her…

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8 Rated Books Book Reviews

Book Review: Marvel Zombies

Title: Marvel Zombies Author: Robert Kirkman, Sean Phillips Genre: Graphic Novel, Horror Stand alone or series: First Graphic novel in what is now a collection of 3 Marvel Zombie specials Summary: (From from the pages of Ultimate Fantastic…

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